Scope Your Date
Know The Potential Of A Mate By The First Or Second Date
A Step By Step Guide On How To Conduct Your Own Background Checks
Are you tired of being lied to? Tired of getting hurt? Recently divorced? New to the dating scene?
Protective of your kids or skeptical about your elderly parent's date?

If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above, I can help you!
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"Eye opening, straight forward, and truth-telling" -- Lorri K. | Orlando, Florida "A must read"-- S. Wagner | Pearland, Texas "Even guys need to get this book"-- Dwayne A. | Houston, Texas "WOW! Very informative "-- Paula F. | Austin, Texas

Do You Want To Know If Your Date Is:
  • Already Married
  • Using A Fake Name
  • Lying About Their Age
  • A Sex Offender
  • A Scammer
  • A Cyber Criminal
  • A Pedophile
  • A Felon
  • One Of The Worst Deadbeat Parents
People Miss Important Background Information Because:
  • Search Engines Can't Always Find Deeply Hidden Information
  • Background Checking Companies' Databases Aren't Frequently Updated
  • The Wrong Databases Are Searched
  • The Wrong Techniques Are Used
  • People Give Up After No Success
  • They Think It's Difficult To Find
  • People Do Not Value Their Time
  • They Do Not Realize The Power Of Technology
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